HubSpot Automation Features For Marketing & Sales Teams

No matter what CRM you use, eCommerce automation is crucial to automate repetitive and mundane tasks. This blog will cover the main features of HubSpot Automation that allow sales and marketing to create seamless buyer journeys from start to finish. Continue reading to learn how HubSpot automation could benefit your sales, marketing, and customer service departments. HubSpot Automation Features: […]

Email Marketing Automation: What It Does for eCommerce Brands

Email marketing is just like every other aspect of marketing. We continue to see improvements in this area. It can be time-consuming to create an email campaign that is effective, but email marketing automation makes it easy. What is Email Marketing Automation? Email marketing automation uses software and technology to automate simple tasks and increase sales. Automated email campaigns […]

Improve SEO Rank By Optimizing User Experience

You are now interested in improving your website’s ranking on Google. You’re in the right place! Google announced that a Core Algorithm Update would be taking place in May 2021. Although the update was not completed worldwide until August 2021 it is now in effect and has an impact on eCommerce merchants as well as their SEO rank. The […]

Implementing Shopify Dropshipping Into Your eCommerce Business

There has been a lot of buzz about Shopify dropshipping lately. People are saying things like “I made $20,000 my very first month with Shopify dropshipping!”. This is probably because we believe they are too good to true. Dropshipping is not a viable business opportunity for most people. However, many eCommerce retailers use it as a […]

4 Tips for Mobile Website Optimization

What is Mobile Website Optimization? Mobile website optimization sounds exactly like it does. This is how eCommerce companies optimize their websites to work on mobile devices. Do you recall the iPhone’s original launch keynote, in which Steve Jobs displayed the entire desktop version the New York Times website? Although it was impressive at the time, everyone realized that […]

How to set up auto-reply for WhatsApp 2022

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used platform for instant messaging. It is used by billions of people around the globe as a preferred method of communication. Two factors are responsible for WhatsApp’s popularity: its early adoption and acceptance by users, and its amazing features. The latter is what keeps WhatsApp afloat in a sea of fierce competition. WhatsApp […]