Ten Ways Ecommerce Brands Foster Community during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Ten Ways Ecommerce Brands Foster Community during the Coronavirus Pandemic

It is important to remember the healers and innovators in times of great hardship. The COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many brick-and-mortar stores close and the daily danger faced by factory workers, has had a significant impact on the ecommerce sector. These are just a few examples of brands that have taken the time to remind their customers and friends what it means to be part of a community.


Beer Hawk has announced that they will donate a portion from each sale to an organization that assists out-of-work restaurant workers during the pandemic.

Beer Hawk, an online alcohol retailer has been able to enjoy healthy sales during the COVID-19 epidemic. Beer Hawk has made it clear that they will donate a portion of their sales towards a charity that helps out-of-work restaurant workers. Beer Hawk recognized the need to help the less fortunate members of their community since the pandemic hit the service sector just as hard. Beer Hawk donated a portion from their healthy sales to an organization that helps individuals who often share their struggles. This is a way for them to show solidarity and help lift their community in any way they can.

Brew Dog, LVMH and INEOS enter the hand sanitizer manufacturing and selling business to satisfy demand.

Multiple brands have stopped production and distribution of regular products in order to concentrate on hand sanitizer. With the sudden surge in demand, the supply chain for hand sanitizer has been overwhelmed. People are being instructed to wash their hands more carefully. Every company, from chemical companies to luxury goods companies, has jumped on board the antibacterial train. These brands have shown that they are open to change and are ready to help when necessary.

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Dyson has pledged to donate 10,000 ventilators for the UK government to help fight the virus.

When he saw what was happening, Sir James Dyson , founder of Dyson technology company, , immediately took action . Since their factories can create ventilators without much effort, the brand pledged to donate 10,000 ventilators to the UK government. He created a new design that was more efficient and productive for his teams. This is Dyson’s way of showing that Dyson is always there for its community.

Squareshot is an ecommerce product photographer service that offers $100 to small businesses.

Squareshot is an ecommerce product photographer service in New York City that offers $100 off to all new customers. This company is a small business and says they are aware of the economic hardships caused by the pandemic. They want to help small businesses in the ecommerce sector.

Donald Russell optimizes the online store performance to keep up demand and traffic growth.

Donald Russell, an online retailer of meat, saw an exponential rise in sales and orders during the coronavirus epidemic. The brand has adopted new strategies and measures to ensure a seamless customer experience and meet new demand. To ensure that customers have the best possible experience, the online retailer of meat has integrated informative pop-ups and up-to-date shipping information via banners into their onsite experience.

Adore Beauty and Slack join forces to create an “ecommerce war room” where online retailers and brands can share their insights.

Slack and Adore Beauty, an Australian cosmetics brand, have teamed up to create an “ecommerce warroom” where hundreds of ecommerce companies can share their experiences and discuss the challenges associated with the COVID-19 epidemic. Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty, has publicly acknowledged the help and success of the community and thanked Slack. This is an example of ecommerce companies coming together as a group with the support of a software company.

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Pure Waste designs and manufactures fashionable face masks to meet demand and to keep people safe.

Fashion retailer Pure Waste has started making stylish face masks in response to demand, much like brands have begun producing hand sanitizer. All over the world, health organizations are advising people to wear face masks when they go out in public. This has caused a shortage of face masks. Pure Waste went out of their way in manufacturing face masks to meet demand and contribute to the safety of the world.

Shopware, an ecommerce platform in Germany, has joined forces with other ecommerce companies to form a LinkedIn support group that allows for the sharing of helpful information.

Sebastian Bomm, Tim Boker and Marcus Diekmann of ROSE Bikes met with Anna Weber, Jan Weischer, and Vera Vaubel, of changelog.blog and Shopware to talk about their difficulties in these trying times. Since then, the community has grown greatly. They now share information on aid programs and funds from state, federal, and EU banks as well as other institutions. They also discuss tax breaks and exchange liquidity programs. They also discuss creative strategies to navigate the economic storm and ensure their company’s future.

Heinz delivers its canned goods directly to the consumer for the first-time, with no delivery charges to workers at the frontline.

Heinz, one the most well-known food processing companies worldwide, has revealed that they will be selling their canned products directly-to-consumer in the UK for the first-ever time. This new initiative will also allow the brand to deliver canned goods free of charge to UK frontline workers. This is an excellent example of a brand taking responsibility and quickly changing their strategy to meet the needs of their community.

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Shopify offers merchants a extended 90-day free trial and an email offer for no cost.

Shopify offers a extended 90-day free trial for new customers. They also offer their email service free until October. Shopify is a software company that helps many small and large ecommerce companies achieve their goals. They are also offering a free 90-day trial to new customers. This is an example of the true bridge between ecommerce companies and ecommerce technologies, which ultimately all form one community.


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