Top 6 HR Management Softwares in Turkey for 2022

Top 6 HR Management Softwares in Turkey for 2022

HR processes can be extremely time-consuming, especially as the workforce in Turkey and around the globe shifts towards flexible work arrangements.

It is important to be able to recognize the critical role that HR digitalization plays in empowering HR professionals and employers. You can reduce the time you spend on repetitive, tedious administrative tasks and allow your business to concentrate on improving employee experience engagement.

best HR management software would help you drive every aspect of your HR department. Top HRIS professionals in Turkey play a wide range of roles, including automating recruitment and performance management.

Which HR software is best for you? This is our selection of the best 6 HR softwares in Turkey for 2022.

Before you start looking for a job, consider the following questions.


Top 6 HR Management Softwares in Turkey for 2022


1. peopleHum:

peopleHum was the winner of the San Fransisco Global Codie Awards 2019. It is an integrated, one-view HR software. PeopleHum’s comprehensive platform is people-centric and minimizes customer concerns to help companies better prepare for the future. PeopleHum is available in English and Arabic languages, which best suits the needs of an HR software in Turkey.


The Global Awarded Magento POS – 2021 Stevie Awards Product Innovation winner provides you with a powerful Magento POS as well as 24/7 support. Other products : BigCommerce POSShopify POSWoocommerce POSNetSuite POSMobile POSWhite label POS, Reseller POSPOS System for Retail and Commercetools POS

  • Hire: With an AI-driven Application Tracking System (ATS), the recruitment module automates the selection, screening, and sourcing of the best job applicants.
  • Perform: This module examines customised and ready to use feedback templates, automated reviews cycles, 360-degree feedback systems, as well as an automated review cycle.
  • Manage: Employee management gives you automated attendance tracking and leave management.
  • Engage: This platform allows you broadcast company announcements, to create an insightful employee ideation forum, and for employees to voice grievances or concerns. There are also add-ons such as HR chatbot and e-Signature.
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2. Logo:

Logo Tiger ERP Solutions was designed to address the needs of medium- and large-sized companies. It offers scalable, flexible and adaptable end-to-end software for HR in Turkey. Logo Tiger ERP Solutions reduces workload, saves time and money, gives visibility, control and reliability, and automates operational processes.



3. Kolay:

Kolay is an automated tool to manage a company’s operations. Kolay is an all-in one HR software that can be used to manage employee records, track time off and manage payroll. Kolay also allows you to generate reports that provide valuable insight into your team’s performance. Kolay has been used by over 1000 companies.


  • Training Management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Automated Onboarding
  • Employee Database
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Applicant Tracking


4. IceHRM:

IceHrm, a Turkey-based HRMS, is designed for small and medium-sized companies that want to simplify their HR managementwith an affordable, high-quality HR product that can be hosted on their own servers. IceHrm helps your HR department manage leaves, employee information and recruitment. It also assists with employee documents, attendance, timesheets and training.


  • Permissions and Access Controls
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Attendance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Database
  • Employee Management


5. Smart:

SmartHR, Turkey’s top HRIS, can be installed on-premises and in the cloud. The solution offers a core HR module, which can be installed on its own. It also includes integrated applications that allow for applicant tracking, onboarding and performance review as well as goal management and time and attendance.

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  • Core HR
  • Payroll
  • Attendance Management
  • Time management
  • Tasks and projects
  • Portal for employees

6. PeopleQlik:

PeopleQlik, a cloud-based HRMS, is available in Turkey. It streamlines core HR administration, talent management, payroll processing, and workforce management for all businesses. PeopleQlik’s payroll module sets unique standards for global compliance. It allows each institution to customize their payroll system to meet their individual needs.




There are many HR systems available. The challenge lies in selecting the right one for your company. You need to create a strategy for evaluating the best HR tools for your company. First, identify the most pressing HR issues 2022 in your organization and how automation could help.


Once you have taken a closer look at your requirements, it is time to look for a match with an efficient HR management software in Turkey. Demos are often the best way to understand the functionality and modules of an HR management software solution.


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