5 eCommerce Ideas to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

No matter what size your business is, an eCommerce blog’s purpose is to start a conversation with customers. It is easier to engage customers in a conversation by sharing useful information for both current and future customers.

Your eCommerce marketing strategy will be enhanced by effective blogging. This will help you grow your business. You’ll need to give your readers more reasons to return to your blog as their number grows. But the question is, what topics are you blogging about?

We are breaking down eCommerce blog ideas in order to engage users and get them back to your site for more content.

Increase Engagement With eCommerce Blog Ideas

Although brainstorming can sometimes be difficult, it doesn’t have to be. Before you pull out your hair, discuss potential eCommerce blog ideas with your sales team, executives, and marketing department.

These brainstorming sessions will help to form a list that you can use to create a variety of blog posts. Although a list of ideas can be a great starting point, it is not the best way to decide if they will work for you.

We’re sharing 5 eCommerce blog ideas to help you get started in the right direction. These will increase engagement, improve your content marketing strategy, and drive traffic to your eCommerce website in 2021.

  • New Product & Sales Announcements
  • Contests
  • Comparisons, Demos, and Product Reviews
  • Testimonials and Questions from Customers
  • Please Share Your Experiences

1. New Product & Sales Announcements

Write a blog about the new service or product your company offers. This will allow your audience to understand the difference between the current offerings and the new product.

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You’ll increase the relevancy of your products and services by providing real-life applications. This will help your readers to connect your brand with their lives.

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Your eCommerce blog can be used as a forum for information about soon-to-be-released items. A bit of information can attract consumers’ attention early on and open the door to the possibility to pre-order your product or services. Your blog should discuss the advantages of pre-ordering gifts to celebrate special occasions or holidays.

Don’t just list your sales. Give your readers reasons to return. Include a link that is only accessible to your blog subscribers. This will give you a preview of the future sales. You can track their interactions and they can view the future sales items at reduced prices.

2. Contests

A blog is a great place to start a contest. You can share one of your products and readers will be allowed to enter the contest once per day.

To enter the contest, users must sign up with an email address to receive contact information. You should also give participants the option to opt-out of future contact.

Give customers a reason to return to your blog to stay engaged. You can offer clues on the blog to help customers win the contest.

If you want to reach a wider audience, it’s a good idea to set up a contest with a different company’s product. Some common items can be associated with spammers so make sure you choose your contest and product carefully.

3. Comparisons, Demos, and Product Reviews

Blog posts can be a great way to show a product or service in an unconventional way. eCommerce product videos can be used to demonstrate your product in action, such as how it works and its uses. This will provide your readers with hidden knowledge that will impress and empower.

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Your blog should discuss other uses for your products than what they were intended. Are there other industries that could benefit from your products? Your customers may use your products in new ways than you could have imagined.

Open and honest reviews of your products are key. Your customers will respect articles that include both positive and negative points. This will ultimately result in higher sales. Your readers expect you to be honest with them, not as a salesperson.

4. Customer Testimonials and Questions

Are your customers asking the same questions often? You can answer common questions even if you have a FAQ page on your website. Your FAQ blogs can help you create a FAQ page if you don’t already have one.

Businesses want to make money, while consumers want to save. Post tips about how to shop online and save money. Your customer can benefit from shopping online for holiday-related topics.

Blog posts that highlight great customer testimonials can be creative. It’s a great idea to make a customer review into a blog article. Include your customer in the discussion to empower them.

5. Please Share Your Experiences

How long have you been silent about the origin story of your company? Let the consumers see where it all began. Are there old photos that you are happy to look at as you talk about the past

Your corporate values, ideals and culture should be shared. If this is all you talk, it can be boring. Include more people-oriented content to help your readers get to know the people behind the computers. Demonstrate how your company translates these ideals and values into the work you do.

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Write a blog post about your celebrations. Allow readers to see photos from your company picnic, holiday party, or store event. This is a great way to personalize your store and content .


These eCommerce blog ideas will work well for both B2B or D2C businesses. You can combine the ideas in this list with your own ideas to create a variety of posts for your company’s blog.

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