Improve SEO Rank By Optimizing User Experience

You are now interested in improving your website’s ranking on Google. You’re in the right place!

Google announced that a Core Algorithm Update would be taking place in May 2021. Although the update was not completed worldwide until August 2021 it is now in effect and has an impact on eCommerce merchants as well as their SEO rank.

The most important callout? SEO rankings are influenced by the website’s user experience. Continue reading to find out more about Google’s algorithm. Groove Commerce is a tool that helps eCommerce businesses optimize the design of their websites to improve user experience.

How Google’s Algorithm Impacts SEO Rank

Google discovered that visitors prefer pages with great user experiences and are more likely convert to those sites through both internal and external research. These page experience metrics, known as Core Web Vitals (CWVs), can be used to guide the creation of better website experiences.

Core Web Vitals

Google measures user experience based upon the following, which are often referred to by Google as the “three pillars of CWVs”.

  1. The largest amount of paint
  2. Initial Input Delay
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift

These terms are probably confusing to you. The time required to render the largest element of content when the URL is requested by the user is called Largest Contentful Painting. The time taken between the moment a user interacts with a page and the time the browser responds. Cumulative Layout Shift is the sum of all layout shift scores for each unexpected layout shift. This Google article provides more insight into the meaning of each core component in terms page performance and SEO.

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Core Web Vitals Report

The Core Web Vitals report can be thought of as an SEO rank report. It provides information about how companies’ pages perform, based on real-world metrics that quantify key components of the user experience. Google includes only URLs that have been indexed. This means that URLs in this report only have data attached to them.

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Neglecting to adhere to the guidelines and maintaining a positive user experience can result in a drop in SEO rankings. Site administrators need to implement SEO best practices, and monitor the three pillars in CWVs.

Best practices for eCommerce SEO

Google still prioritizes pages that provide the most information, even though page experience metrics play an important role in ranking. Site administrators should continue to prioritize creating rich, compelling content that matches users’ intent. Groove Commerce can help you with SEO maintenance. We track Core Web Vitals success and provide regular technical maintenance.

Enhance User Experience and Increase SEO Ranking

Now that you understand the reasons improving eCommerce user experience, and how buyer friction affects Google SEO ranking factors. It’s time for you to explore the different ways that you can create a positive customer experience on your website. Google’s most recent algorithm update still prioritizes pages that contain the most relevant and beneficial content.

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Fix Site Errors

Monitor Google Search Central to get recommendations for improving your web pages. Google places a high priority on fixing broken links and 404 errors. These issues can be fixed, as well as others, to improve Google’s ability of indexing your website.

Use headings and visual hierarchy

While it is common to use headings hierarchically in the industry, many eCommerce companies misuse them. The proper use of headings helps search engines to understand the page’s content in relation to your website or a particular search term. It also helps people who visit your page understand the meaning. The foundation of your page’s layout is its visual hierarchy. Make sure it makes sense and grabs attention.

Optimize to Speed Up Your Site

Do you recall a time you exited a webpage or left it because it was taking too long to load? Speedy site loading times and fast page loads are key factors in a user experience that ultimately improves a website’s ranking in search engine optimization.

We have found that 100-200ms is a good benchmark for eCommerce development. Congratulations if your site is hosted on BigCommerce.


Site errors can be fixed, site speed increased, and visual hierarchy used to increase site speed. However, there are many other factors that improve user experience such as using alt text , writing product, meta, and category descriptions.


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