4 Tips for Mobile Website Optimization

What is Mobile Website Optimization?

Mobile website optimization sounds exactly like it does. This is how eCommerce companies optimize their websites to work on mobile devices.

Do you recall the iPhone’s original launch keynote, in which Steve Jobs displayed the entire desktop version the New York Times website? Although it was impressive at the time, everyone realized that this wasn’t the best way to see the New York Times. To view a particular piece of content, users had to pinch and zoom in extremely close. This is an example website that has no mobile website optimization. If you offer a poor mobile website experience, you will be left behind in 2022 when almost all consumers own a smartphone.


Web designers can use a variety of best practices to improve a website’s mobile user interface and increase conversions.

Mobile-Specific Challenges

Site loading speed

Site load speed is a critical factor in mobile website optimization. Google found that mobile visitors are more likely to bounce if the site load times increase from 1 second up to 10 seconds Yi, and this report was published in 2017. It can be stated that a mobile website should feel instantaneous to users. What can I do to speed up the loading time of my mobile site?

Google Pagespeed Insights can be used to measure the current page load times. This report will provide guidance on how to improve your page speed score.

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Each element on a specific website determines the site’s load speed. Text, navigation, images, videos, and call-to-action buttons all play a role in site load speed. Compressing images and videos across your site will make it more responsive. Mobile website optimization best practices will help speed up the loading of your site’s age.

Unorganized User Interface

This component is part of the user interface (UI) category. Are you unsure of the next step when you visit a mobile website? It could be because there are too many elements on a page at once.

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Consider one action you want your users to take on every page in order to solve the mobile website optimization problem. It may be a smart idea to limit FAQ pages to questions and answers. This will ensure that users don’t wander off to other parts of your website without finding the answer to their questions. The checkout page should be kept to a minimum in order to streamline the user interface. It is not a good idea to encourage potential customers to check out by offering to sign up for your blog or newsletter. These additional elements can distract customers and discourage them from purchasing. It is important to not clutter the page with call-to action buttons. They distract from the one conversion step that the user should be taking.

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Poor navigation menus will not only detract from the user experience, but they also tie in with the previous component. A lot of desktop websites use a navigation menu that follows the user’s scrolling down and up a page. This navigation menu is too large for mobile devices.

The Groove Commerce team determined that mobile users can easily understand a simple hamburger menu at the top of a website in order to implement mobile optimization standards and practices. Clicking on the hamburger menu button will bring up a wider selection of categories for the user to select from. A small, upward-facing arrow is located in the bottom corner of screen. It allows users to quickly get to the top of the page by tapping it.

Hamburger Menu

Screen Sizes

Your website’s device can impact the user experience. You can easily imagine that users will prefer a modified interface when visiting your website from an iPhone 13 mini or a 16-inch laptop. What would your website look like if viewed from an iPad Pro?

We recommend that you create multiple breakpoints for each content piece when building your mobile website. Breakpoints are the screen width at which the website will change from one layout to the next. Our eCommerce design team makes sure that clients’ websites have a desktop, tablet and mobile viewing experience.


There are many mobile templates available on eCommerce platforms. Many of these templates are not suitable for all users. These templates may not be the best solution for all eCommerce brands, as different merchant needs can mean that they are not optimal. We recommend that you work with an eCommerce agency to develop a custom template to ensure a consistent user experience on all devices.

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