Top Tech Firms Investing In Web 3.0

Top Tech Firms Investing In Web 3.0


In the past three decades, the internet has experienced an extraordinary rapid pace of development. Web 3.0 allows users to share information and interact with one another through images, videos and audio in three-dimensional immersive environments. Venture capital firms as well as many other tech companies are interested in the next generation of internet.

The web3 landscape has been fueled by the popularity of Blockchain and crypto systems. You need to understand the potential web3 market in order to find out about the leading tech companies investing in it. Due to rapid development of web3 services, the web3 market could grow to $81.5 billion in value by 2030. Below is a list of the top web 3.0 companies across all industries.

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Why Web3 Essential?

Privacy is the most important requirement for users in today’s digital age. Internet users today are more concerned about privacy than ever. Many concerns have been raised about web 2.0’s expansion, including control over personal data and digital identity. Social media platforms have become increasingly popular and there has been a significant breach of privacy.

Unknowingly, web2 users have been forced to share their personal information with large tech companies due to the rapid growth of the site. Facebook, for example, keeps track of every post you make on the site, as well as the posts you like and how much time you spend on it. Facebook owns all content you post, regardless of whether it is your original content.

Web3 companies are not only necessary because of data ownership problems. Companies collect data by analysing the web activity of individuals. These insights can be used by companies to target customers with schemes that match their interests.

Web3 alters these elements by creating a decentralized web cluster which allows users to interact with, create, and own their digital content. It eliminates intermediaries and creates the basis for decentralizing internet. Web3’s expansion has attracted top tech companies like Meta, Apple, Amazon, and others.

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What Companies are Investing in Web3?

Web3 would bring decentralization and all the advantages that blockchain has to offer, such as immutability, availability of applications, and immutability. It will make the internet easier to use by improving interactions between people and computers. Web3 is based on giving users complete control and ownership over digital experiences and content.

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There are many benefits associated with web 3.0 technologies. This is why it is important to learn more about the web3 companies that you can invest in. It is important to note how different tech companies use web3 technology. Below is a list of top web 3.0 companies from different industries.

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1. Meta

When Facebook announced that it would rebrand to Meta in 2021, the hype surrounding top tech companies investing in web 3.0 grew stronger. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook head, presented the vision to transform the social media platform into an immersive metaverse space.

The social media giant has also spent huge amounts of capital on virtual reality headsets that allow users to access its metaverse. The company also applied for trademark registrations that relate to cryptos such as crypto trading, crypto exchanges and metaverse wallets.

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2. Instagram


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Instagram is the next entry in the web3 field of entertainment and social media. Adam Mosseri (chief of Instagram) spoke out about the company’s plans to explore NFTs. Mark Zuckerberg announced NFTs as a new part of the Instagram community.

Meta’s chief has also stressed that Instagram would gradually roll out NFTs over the next few month to ensure seamless access for all users. The company also stated plans to offer NFT minting within the Instagram ecosystem.

3. Twitter

Twitter is another notable company that has invested in web 3.0 in social media. Twitter, a popular social media platform, has been active in the NFT wave. Twitter’s profile photos show BAYC as well as CryptoPunk NFTs.

Twitter Blue subscribers have the option to choose an NFT to be their profile picture. Verified NFT owners could display their digital assets in the profile picture. Popularity of Twitter NFTs can be one of the most important factors that will drive future investments in the company’s web3.

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4. Steemit


Steemit is another emerging web3 company to consider investing in. Steemit is a social media platform and blogging platform that uses blockchain technology. It focuses on different web3 concepts. The platform offers a reward system, which allows users to earn the native token STEM for sharing content.

Steem is the blockchain that developed the foundations for Steemit. You should also be aware of the details regarding the unique reward system and the upvoting system. Steemit users can be rewarded for their contributions, Steemit content and interactions. One of the key highlights for web3 companies looking to invest with long-term prospects is the upvoting system. There are two options for STEEM rewards: users can either convert STEEM tokens to Steem Power, or trade them for Steem dollars.

Users can then exchange their Steem Dollars to actual US dollars. Steemit’s reward system aligns with web3 principles and users can receive rewards for creating or discovering popular content. Steemit offers many third-party applications as part of its ecosystem, such as DTube, a decentralized video platform.

5. Netflix

Netflix, the online streaming company, would be on the list of top web 3.0 companies. It has been restructuring its strategy. Netflix has suffered huge losses due to its current business model. Why does Netflix require web3? Netflix has used its old business model successfully until recently, as the competition from Amazon and Disney has been very challenging. Netflix and Amazon are two of the biggest competitors. They have distinct competitive advantages, such as cloud infrastructure and a wide range of content from production companies. Netflix must plan its web3 transformation to expand the original content available on the platform.

Netflix would need to be transformed into a web3 company by the Web3 production house logic. What is the best way for Netflix to become a web3 company. The company could pay royalties to all employees involved in the production of a movie or TV series. Web3 can also play an important role in streamlining production by allowing for the sequencing of different steps. Web3 offers interoperability without worrying about separate platforms. Web3 could also make it easier to access professional workers online and encourage independent creators. Web3 could encourage Netflix to embrace a holistic approach that combines gamification and merchandising.

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6. Alphabet


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Google’s parent company, Alphabet, was one of the first to support web3. Alphabet is one of the largest companies currently exploring web3 technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Alphabet’s CEO has announced plans to integrate blockchain technology in the company’s core ecosystem.

The CEO also shared details about plans to add more AR-compliant features as well as Blockchain tools to popular applications. Alphabet, as one of the most prominent tech companies investing in web 3.0 can revolutionize digital services such as Google Maps. Alphabet’s team also plans to empower its customer support services using blockchain technology.

7. Spotify


Spotify is also a company that answers the question “Which companies invest in web3?” in digital services. Spotify, the popular music streaming app, has taken note of the rise in web3-based music portals. It has begun active efforts to improve web3. Spotify now has many job openings in the web3 landscape for various roles within web3.

It is notable that top musicians such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg and Taylor Swift have adopted NFTs. Non-fungible tokens allow musicians to communicate directly with their fans. Artists can use NFTs to sell their albums and get access to the front row seats at their next concert. Spotify is a top candidate to adopt web3 and other web3 technology.

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8. Amazon


Amazon would be the first company to make it on the list of top tech companies that invest in web3. Amazon has taken many strategic steps to explore the web3 ecosystem. Amazon Managed Blockchain, a fully managed service that assists in the development and management of scalable blockchain networks, is available.

Amazon Managed Blockchain supports a variety of private and public blockchain solutions, which allows for flexibility in reducing overhead costs. Amazon also offers automatic scaling which speeds up multiple transactions executions.

9. Shopify


Shopify, a popular ecommerce platform, is another top choice for companies that are investing in web 3.0 to improve their core technology. Shopify is actively exploring the possibilities of web3 technology. Shopify had already launched a beta version of its NFT enabled marketplace that allows users to mint and sell digital collectibles via various blockchain networks. This marketplace supports buying non-fungible tokens using cryptocurrency. The team also plans to introduce new, powerful AI features into the Shopify tech stack.

10. Tesla

Tesla’s reputation for innovation makes it a strong candidate for web3 adoption. It is notable that Tesla has seen a tremendous growth in its web3 services. Tesla is one of the most prominent tech companies investing in web 3.0. Recently, it adopted blockchain to traceability use cases. Tesla uses blockchain to track cobalt from mines to battery in transparent, open, decentralized, global and open manner. Tesla will also provide solar installations and batteries to support a Texas crypto mine planned by Block and Blockstream.

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11. Apple


Apple is a well-known company that invests in web 3.0. This can be for many reasons. It is the preferred tech brand by many people around the globe. Apple is making great strides towards becoming an infrastructure layer to facilitate web3 development. Apple intends to tap into the need for smartphones to access cryptocurrency wallets. With over a billion Apple customers, the smartphone giant holds almost 25% of global smartphone market. Apple could definitely use better opportunities to expand their web presence.

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The company recently announced that it had posted job openings for web3 professionals, including an associate creative director and an art director. Apple emphasizes the need to be fluent in web3 for both new job postings. Apple Siri’s innovative functionality is a testament to Apple’s reputation for web3 solutions. Siri, a web 3.0 application that can interact with people just like any other person, is a great example.

12. IBM


IBM is the next addition to the list of companies that are investing in Web3. IBM, a trusted tech company with a market capitalization of nearly $116 billion is an established player. IBM Watson and other AI projects can be a positive indicator of web3 development. IBM could play an important role in fostering the next generation of internet connectivity through machine learning and AI. For web3 innovation, the presence of IBM in major business segments like software, consulting, finance, infrastructure, and financing are powerful elements.

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13. NVidia

NVidia is a popular web3 company to invest in, and for good reasons. It is a leader in the design and development different types of graphics processor units, or GPUs. These are essential in creating immersive experiences for web3 users. High-end GPUs are required to render the desired graphics in metaverse, for example. NVidia also manufactures the Tesla P100 GPU accelerators for data center servers. It also produces Tesla V100 GPU accelerators for high-performance computing networks and clusters.

NVidia could be a key player in the web3 future. Computer chips are crucial for enabling continuous learning and ‘training’ of computers. The chip manufacturer can supply the necessary hardware components for web 3.0. Omniverse is another example of the strong association between NVidia, web3 and the chip manufacturer. The NVidia Omniverse platform is a unique platform that web3 developers can use to create new metaverse projects.

14. Sony

Sony has filed numerous patents to support the use of cryptocurrencies in-game wagering for eSports. This patent application supports both virtual and physical currencies for in-game wagering. Sony is one of many web3 companies that are working to develop real-time channels so players can place bets during eSports. The company plans to expand the technology to other companies and devices, such as smartphones, VR headsets and computers.


15. Unity Software


Unity Software is another web3 company that has the potential to be a major player in the future. It is a platform that allows the creation of real-time 3D content for smartphones, tablets and augmented reality devices. Unity’s engine is the driving force behind many videogames, making it easier to create creative and engaging content. Unity is a great platform for web 3.0. Unity Software is the foundation architecture for metaverse development and interaction. Based on the current trends, Unity Software could be one of the key components of web 3.0.

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Bottom Line

An overview of the responses to the question “Which companies invest in web3?” gives a good idea of the variety of companies. There are many web3 technology firms that serve different industries, including finance, digital services and data storage.

Every company that invests in web3 applications hopes to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the web3 ecosystem. Transitioning to web3 will require massive transformations within existing tech companies. Companies that can now prepare for web3 will be more competitive. Learn more about web3’s potential.


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